Manage goals and track progress in Slack

How it works

  1. Create an Uppercase account for your team
  2. Invite team members to Uppercase
  3. Team members can connect their Slack accounts to Uppercase
  4. Create and manage goals in Uppercase or use Slack commands
  5. Type /goals help in Slack to learn more

Add to Slack

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/goals add Crush Q3 sales
Take on a new goal with a simple Slack command. Just name it!
/goals update Crush Q3: So far so good
Post updates as work gets done. We'll keep your manager and team in the loop.
/goals list
List and browse goals, edit status, review previous updates and more.

Slack Integration Instructions

Method 1 — Add to Slack

Click the Add to Slack button below to create a new Uppercase account or connect your existing Uppercase account.

Add to Slack

Method 2 — Connect from within your Uppercase account

  1. Log in to your Uppercase account
  2. Navigate to the account Settings page
  3. Click the Manage Integrations button
  4. Click the Add to Slack button and follow the instructions
  5. Open Slack and type /goals help to view command options

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