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Goal Setting

Create OKRs or SMART goals for your team

Performance management starts and ends with goals. Employees excel when they have a clear view of expectations and build a plan to get there.

Flexible Cadence
Manage to the tempo of your business—yearly, quarterly, monthly—it's up to you
Measurable Results
Define multiple outcomes to quantify, measure, and track success
Aligned to the Business
Give visibility into how an individual's goals contribute to their manager, team, and organization
Dynamic Summaries

View and summarize goals across teams and tags

A flexible tagging model allows you to organize goals by company initiatives, projects, values, or anything you can think of.  With a few clicks view all goals for a tag, review a status and progress summary, and trace their alignment to top-level company goals.

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Progress Tracking

Track progress, post updates, give feedback

Hold productive one-on-one meetings by having employees review goals and provide updates in advance.

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Visualize status and progress history

A detailed history of each goal shows when and how progress was made. Easily view and recall previous activity for use in your performance conversations.

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Integrate with your business

Save time by accessing Uppercase from your essential communication and productivity apps.

G Suite
Automatically sync your user directory to Uppercase and access employee profiles & goals from your inbox.
Interact with your goals directly from Slack — notifications, commands, and actions
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Join thousands of users around the world building better businesses one goal at a time.

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