Managing People

3 Tips to Manage Remote Direct Reports

The growing trend of remote work presents a unique challenge for managers: navigating time zones as well as cultural and linguistic differences to properly manage a dispersed team.

The Risks of Being Too Nice of a Boss

Everyone wants to be liked, and that’s true even in the workplace. But being too nice can have greater consequences in the office than in your average social interaction.

Tips for Managing People Older Than You

As the average workforce age continues to rise and companies desperate to retain top talent promote employees earlier in their careers, managers often end up responsible for direct reports who are 10 or more years their senior. Some initial awkwardness might be inevitable, but the age difference doesn’t preclude a strong, productive relationship.

Should Your Goals Be Rigid or Flexible?

In this post, we'll help you determine if and when goals should be allowed to flex over time, and how to set expected outcomes when you’re not really sure what they should be.

Macromanagement is Just as Bad as Micromanagement

No hovering, minimal accountability, open-ended instructions — what’s not to love? Unfortunately, when a manager becomes so hands off that they’re out of touch with the work at hand and stops helping their direct reports, the consequences of macromanagement can be unexpectedly severe.

Build Trust, Not Resentment: How to Give Negative Feedback That Drives Change

Honest feedback is necessary for improvement, but nobody wants to hear negative feedback, right? There's research pointing in both directions. Here's how to give meaningful feedback without the messy repercussions.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Giving a Performance Review

Want to help your employees grow, improve company culture, and drive overall company success? Learn to effectively execute performance reviews, and avoid these common stumbling blocks.

How to Manage Employees Who Don't Get Along

Conflict will always be part of the workplace, but curbing interpersonal spats is one of a manager’s most important responsibilities. In this post, we'll explain how to handle employees who don't get along - why it happens, when to step in, and how to promote productive disagreement.

Get the Most Out of Talented but Troublesome Employees

What do you do when your most talented employee is also your most difficult to manage? This article will cover how you can empower and guide your talent to be more compatible and collaborative, without taking away the exact traits that make them effective and valuable.

You’re Not Asking These Questions During One-on-Ones. You Should Be.

No matter your direct report's role, experience level, or personality, one-on-ones are a valuable tool to build trust, strengthen lines of communication, solve problems, and clarify goals and priorities. Try asking a few questions we’ve listed to help you put your team in a position to succeed.

Optimize One-on-Ones for Maximum Value and Efficiency

We'll cover everything managers need to make one-on-one meetings coherent, concise, and rewarding for themselves and their direct reports.

The Single Biggest Mistake Managers Make When Setting Employee Goals

Don't let failure to set measurable outcomes be your goal-setting downfall

More is More When it Comes to Employee Feedback

Learn 5 simple steps to improve your employee feedback and reap the rewards.

How to Avoid Goal-Setting Pitfalls

We identify problems and provide solutions to common goal-setting pitfalls.

5 Steps to Giving Effective Feedback

Follow these 5 steps to give effective feedback that's well-received by your employee.

Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Goals

Wasting time on the wrong goals is costly. A systematic approach to goal-setting can drive strategy and nurture talent.

Adopt Employee Goal-Setting to Drive Performance

Discover how goal-setting shapes intention and improves your team's performance.

Try This Simple Tip in Your Employee One-on-Ones

This ultra-simple technique is a powerful addition to your one-on-ones.

5 Warning Signs Your Employee One-on-Ones Aren’t Working

Are your one-on-ones broken? Don't let these warning signs go unnoticed.

10 Common Challenges With Employee One-on-Ones

Discover challenges with one-on-one meetings and how you can turn them around.