Leadership & Culture

How to Get More Out of Exit Interviews

Effective employee exit interviews provide a chance to learn what’s working and what’s not, maintain goodwill with company alumni, and get candid feedback.

3 Ways to Make Compensation Decisions Without Performance Ratings

We cover tactics to untie compensation and performance ratings, to minimize bias and organizational drag.

Success Starts Before Day 1: Use Goals as the Foundation of Your Recruiting Process

Goal setting can streamline the hiring process, boost employee performance, and drive company culture. When the right goals are set, companies start to see less turnover and fewer frustrations with bad hires. So before you start taking resumes, here are a few things to consider.

Stretch Goals: Motivating, Inspiring, and Wildly Misused

Stretch goals can take teams and performance to new heights, or pave the way for disastrous failures. We explore when, why, and how to use stretch goals to inspire, motivate, and get results.

The Best Managers Move Beyond Blame. Here’s How You Can Too.

Too many managers conflate the fall-person with the cause of a project’s failure. Instead of worrying about identifying the culprit, good leaders focus their energy towards a solution. In this post, we'll cover how you can lead your team away from a culture of punishment and blame, and towards one of learning, innovation, and productive risk-taking.

From Hands-On to Knee Deep: How to Avoid the Trap of Micromanaging

Micromanaging is a hard habit to break, but doing so is crucial to your team’s growth and your success as a manager. We'll cover how to rebuild trust, stop getting in your team's way, and put those detail-obsessed behaviors to good use.

Keep Motivation Blooming All Year

Learn to maintain your team's motivation even as the fresh enthusiasm of the new year fades.

Fostering Positive Team Culture

Develop a positive team culture to make your employees creative, productive, and engaged.

Why is Everyone Ditching the Annual Review? Or, Waterfall is Dead.

Understand why we should eliminate the annual review, and why now.

Should you Eliminate the Annual Performance Review?

The trade-offs in the annual performance review vs. frequent, real-time feedback debate.

The Importance of One-on-Ones at Your Startup

Learn the value of one-on-ones and why you should hold them regularly with your direct reports.

3 Keys to Long-Term Onboarding Success

The key to long-term onboarding success is easier than you think: own the process, give recognition, and be accessible.

Employee Onboarding  —  Focus Day 30 on Reflection

Take a retrospective look at the last 30 days – what went well, what could have gone better, and how to improve the path to success.

Employee Onboarding: Keys to a Successful First Week

4 important ways to engage a new hire during the first week.

Employee Onboarding: Make Their First Day Matter

Don't overlook the importance of the first day and the opportunity to organize, excite and engage.