Expert Insights

How DigitalOcean Built a Better Model for Developing Engineering Talent

DigitalOcean VP of People and VP of Engineering discuss how the company built a framework to drive innovation and employee development and fulfillment.

You Prioritized Growth Over Diversity. Now What? How to Build Diverse Teams Without Biasing Hiring Decisions

Stash Invest VP of People Operations Natalie Ledbetter goes into the strategies and processes behind building a diverse, equitable company.

Invest in Your Future Leaders With a Better New Manager Training Program

Sprout Social Chief People Officer Maureen Calabrese explains how even the most time- and resource-strapped teams can put new managers in a position to navigate change and conflict, and drive team performance.

How Compass Retained and Scaled Culture During 10x Growth

Ciara Lakhani discusses her time as VP of People & Culture Compass, and how she helped the company retain and enhance its culture through extreme growth.

Executive Coach Paulie Rojas on the Importance of Positive Reinforcement

In this exclusive interview, Rojas explains how and why so many managers fail to give the positive feedback that empowers employees to thrive, and provides simple steps to maximize your team's performance.